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Passwordless Single Sign-On Enables Rapid Roll-Out for 10,000 Users

Financial Services Firm deploy My1Login’s Identity as a Service to provide passwordless authentication and eliminate cyber risks.

One of the easiest technology implementations we've ever had to do.” 

“The encryption keys themselves are not held by My1Login so it gave me confidence that the security was of the highest standard."

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My1Login is the Only IAM Solution That Provides

Client-Side Encryption
My1Login only store encrypted data. The keys remain securely inside the perimeter of the customer’s enterprise network meaning even My1Login are unable to access customer data.
Zero User Interface
My1Login has the option to be deployed in the background meaning no change to user behaviour and no training required.


Most Widely Compatible SSO
SSO that is seamlessly linked to the user’s directory login for web apps, virtualized apps and even Windows desktop apps without requiring APIs.


Rapid Deployment
My1Login is cloud-based Identity As A Service (IDaaS) and can automatically discover and integrate new applications, meaning rapid deployment which accelerates time to value.
UK's Leading Passwordless Solution
My1Login is a wholly UK-Based Identity Provider offering Single Sign-On (SSO) to Web, Mobile and Windows Desktop Applications, Privileged Password Management, User Provisioning, Self-Service Password Reset and Multi-Factor Authentication.
Eliminate Phishing
Critical applications can be protected by auto-generated, strong, unique passwords that can be hidden from users, eliminating phishing.

Secure Passwordless Access to Applications

Improve Security

Protect against the leading cause of data breaches - credentials. Centralise access controls and policies and mitigate the risk of phishing by removal and automation of password generation.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by providing users with quick and easy to access to all of their apps, reducing downtime from logging in or forgotten passwords.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by automating processes, reducing infrastructure costs and rationalising software licences.

Secure Remote Working

Enable employees to access applications from anywhere and ensure the right people have access to the right apps at the right time.

Single Sign-On Showcase

Passwordless Authentication

My1Login provides passwordless authentication for enterprises through its access management and Single Sign-On solution. Integrating with an organisation’s existing directory (e.g. Active Directory), My1Login utilises SAML and OIDC to replace passwords with token-based authentication, enabling organisations to move away from passwords and to passwordless authentication. Where the third-party application does not yet support passwordless authentication protocols, My1Login’s Secure Web Authentication can be used to provide a passwordless experience, even for applications which have multi-page or non-standard forms. 

Europe's No.1 Identity Management Solution

Europe's No.1 Identity Management Solution

My1Login was named Best Identity Management Solution in Europe by SC Awards in 2020.

The judges highlighted My1Login's ease of use, wide compatibility and the high level of encryption as reasons for the accolade of Best Identity Management Solution.

Secure End-User Access & Protect Against Data Security Breaches

Next generation Identity and Access Management solutions that work with web, mobile, desktop and legacy mainframe applications, enabling control of user access while delivering a return on investment. The solutions can be rapidly deployed, even in the most complex enterprise environments.

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Eliminate Phishing & Shadow IT

Eliminate Phishing & Shadow IT

My1Login's IAM solution enables organisations to eliminate phishing for critical applications that protect sensitive data, or indeed for all application types across the organisation. This is a considerable step towards improving data security when we consider Verizon’s analysis of 1600 cybersecurity incidents and 800 breaches found that phishing was involved in 90% of successful attacks.

My1Login’s Auto-Discovery of applications ensures IT have visibility of apps previously unknown to them (Shadow IT). My1Login's Automatic Password Update functionality enables IT Admins to update users' passwords for target apps and hide these passwords from the end-users.


Comprehensive Identity Management

My1Login has been ranked by Solutions Review as providing one of the most comprehensive Identity Management solutions on the market through its execution of IDaaS, PAM and IGA functionality and ability to meet the growing needs of organisations that are transforming to the cloud.

You can download and access the Solutions Review Vendor Map to see what their analysts said about the My1Login Identity Management Solution and how its fits the needs of enterprise organisations.

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