About Us

About Us


About my1login

my1login was founded in 2007 to address the problem consumers and businesses have with the increasing number of passwords they have to remember and manage.

Initially launched as a consumer service, my1login gained a strong foothold in the consumer password market, receiving a tremendous reception from the security and technical press.

my1login has also been shortlisted for a number of awards and was named among the world’s 100 most exciting technology start-ups after receiving an invitation to join START, a highly-curated, invitation only group of the world’s most exciting start-ups, sister event to the acclaimed F.ounders.

Our vision

my1login's vision is to make the web simpler and more secure by providing consumers and businesses with a single sign-on experience that co-exists with all of your existing passwords.

Weak passwords are the No.1 cause of online accounts being hacked leading to people and businesses suffering financial and reputational loss. The average web user has 25 online accounts, but only protects them with 7 passwords. In fact, 98.8% of people on the net use the very same 10,000 passwords. They do this because it's extremely difficult to remember multiple complex passwords.

Our aim is to remove the burden of having to continually remember and type passwords, and to significantly increase your security by providing an easy way for you to use unique, 'strong' passwords across all the online accounts used by you or your business.

Your login details are stored in my1login using client side encryption (256 bit AES), which means that even my1login cannot access your data.

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