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FeatureWhat it doesFreePro
Store BookmarksStore your bookmarks so they are available from any deviceUnlimitedUnlimited
Store Login Details Protected with AES EncryptionStore the login details for each of your bookmarks using strong AES encryption which means even we can't see themUnlimited *Unlimited
1-click LoginSign into sites with 1-click, no more need to remember or type usernames and passwords
Generate Strong PasswordsImprove your online security by generating and using strong passwords for all your sites. my1login will do the hard work of remembering them for you
Dashboard /Message NotificationsSee message waiting notifications on your page from AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail,Linked In, Twitter and Facebook
Email IntegrationRead summary of your email inboxes from within your my1login page (AOL, YahooMail, Hotmail, Gmail)
Social Networking IntegrationRead, reply, retweet and comment on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn news feeds and messages. Broadcast your status to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in one click
Available from Mobile DevicesAccess from your mobile device and have full access to all of the bookmarks you use on your computer.
Secure Login SharingSelect specific logins which you would like to securely share with friends or colleagues
Business Email IntegrationIntegrate any POP3, SMTP based mail accounts to see all your inboxes in one place
Personalise SettingsChoose how you view and access your bookmarks, choose which specific social networking accounts to broadcast status updates to.
Organize BookmarksOrganize bookmarks into Personal, Work, Other folders to make them easier to access
AdvertsThe my1login home page will contain a small amount of adverts
Affiliate CommissionNavigating to selected retail partners' websites using my1login will open the site via an affiliate link
* Can store unlimited logins by unlocking achievements       ** only for paid accounts.

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