my1login Password Management explained

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What is my1login?

my1login is a cloud-based password manager that solves the problem of remembering and managing passwords for both individuals and businesses.

Taking less than 5 minutes to set up, my1login works in conjunction with existing passwords, allowing access to websites and services with just one login. Since it's no longer necessary to remember passwords, they can be made strong and unique, increasing online security.

For businesses, my1login provides an overview of password security across the organisation, a secure method of sharing logins and the ability to quickly cease users' access. my1login helps a business reduce corporate risk by increasing password security, whilst minimizing downtime and improving productivity through less password resets and forgotten logins. Unlike traditional single sign-on solutions, my1login can be set-up across a business within minutes as it needs no integration or application interfaces with your other systems.

my1login's encryption methods mean that whilst your passwords are always available to you wherever you are on whichever device, they are encrypted in such a way that even my1login cannot access them.

my1login improves password security and makes the web simpler by enabling users to sign into sites with one click.

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