Instantly become more secure online

Why my1login?


Reduce Costs

  • Less password resets and reduced IT support calls
  • Monitor concurrent license usage and reduce need for licenses not in use.
  • Mitigate against insurance premiums

Improve Productivity

  • Employees have the convenience of just having one login to remember
  • Less employee downtime though forgotten logins
  • Increased speed of change - quick on-boarding of new employees and easily cease users who have left the business

Improve Security

  • Use complex, unique passwords across all business services
  • Use the Password Generator to easily create super strong passwords
  • Password reports highlight vulnerabilities such as weak passwords and the same password being used for multiple services.

Easy to use

  • Makes your online life easier, faster and more secure
  • Remembers all your password and login details for you
  • Speeds up your day - no more forgotten logins or having to type them to sign into sites
  • Never forget a password again - you can even store PINs and telephone passwords
The easiest and safest way to access my logins


  • Dramatically improves security and identity protection
  • Automatically generates stronger longer more random passwords for you - if you want them
  • All your password data is securely encrypted on your device, so even my1login can't access them - only you can!
  • Password strength reports help you identify where you are using weak passwords or re-using the same password for multiple sites.
  • my1login uses 2-step authentication by default - a Password and Key Phrase protects accounts. Additionally, a dropdown is used for the authentication password entry, mitigating against screengrabbers and keyloggers. A Key Phrase rather than a password is used as the encryption key, the longer length of a phrase over a password hugely increases encryption key permutations.
Now I never forget my passwords and they're totally secure

Access anywhere

  • It's cloud-based so you can access your passwords from anywhere and on any device
  • You never have to worry about new releases and upgrading, it's all done for you in the cloud.
  • It is totally ubiquitous and mobile - access all your passwords from any device any computer anywhere that is connected to the internet including your smart phone
I love being able to access my PIN numbers from my mobile

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