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Make it Easy for Users with a Password-less IoT

Managing Identities is Critical to the Success of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Identity of Things (IDoT)

Scale of the IoT Identity Challenge

Gartner Research predict there will be 25 billion connected “things” by 2020. This creates a huge problem for consumers of the IoT given these devices largely rely on the use of passwords. This reliance will lead to usability issues, unparalleled security risks and ultimately customer support and retention issues for IoT vendors.

Your car may be IoT enabled and you ‘own’ the ability to access it but what happens if you move into a new home that has lighting and thermostats controlled by the previous homeowner. How does ownership of secure access to these devices transfer to you in a secure way? What happens if your property is rented, you might own some IoT devices in the property, but control needs to be passed securely from tenant to tenant.

Managing Identities for the Internet of Things

Eliminating Passwords in the IoT

The IoT needs an Identity Management solution that moves away from the use of passwords and there are various options for this but vendors and identity providers need to work together to build standards and frameworks for identity management of the IoT or Identity of Things (IDoT) as it’s come to be known.

Here at My1Login we provide the mechanism for users to securely manage access to their IoT devices and we’re working with IoT vendors to help build common standards for Identity Management of IoT devices.

The Identity of Things (IDoT)

Vendors – Improve Adoption of Your IoT Products

As an IoT Vendor making ‘things’ that are user friendly is key to maximising adoption and retention. Moving away from credential-based authentication helps do this. It makes devices more secure and more manageable.

Users - Manage and Control Your IoT Life

Users - Manage and Control Your IoT Life

As an IoT user, you probably have a number of IoT ‘things’ already – whether it’s your mobile, your Nest thermostat or your Phillips Hue lightning. In the coming years, you’ll likely have more, home appliances, Smart running shoes, Fitness clothing, garage controllers, garden lighting sensors sleep trackers.

All of these devices need to be managed, and My1Login will enable you to manage all of your IoT ‘things’ centrally.

Identity Management for the IoT

Benefits for Vendors

  • Better security
  • Improved adoption through ease of access for users/access from any device
  • Increased customer retention rates through simplicity of use.

Benefits for Users

  • Seamless authentication providing quick and secure access to the application
  • Access to the multitude of IoT applications without the need to separately authenticate with each one.
  • A secure identity, mitigating the risk of your IoT estate being compromised
  • Easily detach IoT ‘things’ e.g. a Fridge Freezer that you leave when you move property.