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Celebrating Innovation at Buckingham Palace

Our CEO, Mike Newman, recently attended Buckingham Palace by invitation of the Queen to celebrate the innovation of the UK’s technology industry.

The event was hosted by Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and was attended by the Queen and other members of the Royal Family including Prince William, Prince Edward and Prince Phillip. Guests included leading entrepreneurs and thought-leaders from the UK technology industry.

The guests were given the privilege of being formally introduced to Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

Attending Buckingham Palace as representative of the UK’s technology sector was a great honour. As a country, we have fantastic pedigree in innovation and technology and it's tremendous that the sector's achievements are recognised and celebrated by the royal household.

Mike Newman, CEO


Mike Newman, M1Login CEO, being introduced to Her Majesty The Queen Mike Newman, M1Login CEO, being introduced to Her Majesty The Queen

The event itself was all you would expect from a Queen’s reception at Buckingham Palace, with lavish surroundings and priceless paintings, but the main reason for the event was to discuss the UK’s technology sector and how it could be improved to further support innovation and drive the global success of UK business.

After meeting the Queen, Mike had the opportunity to discuss the tech industry with Prince Phillip, the Duke of Kent and the Duke of Gloucester, outlining how My1Login is using its technology to improve the security of businesses around the world.

From the conversations I had, it is clear that the importance of online security and the growing challenge of password management was clearly recognised and at least one of the royals present expressed great interest in My1Login's offering

Mike Newman, CEO

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