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My1Login is designed to easily scale for large Enterprises but can easily be implemented within a small business or department.

Additional features for Enterprise such as Active Directory Integration, SAML connectors and Automated User Provisioning/De-provisioning can be configured should they be required in your organization.

All stored login information is encrypted using full, client-side AES 256-bit ("strong") encryption. The encryption keys are only held client-side in your environment and are not stored or transmitted to My1Login. This type of client-side encryption means it is impossible to decrypt stored login details without the encryption key.

My1Login offers deployment models based on cloud, on-premise, and hybrid architectures.

My1Login’s services are run within a security accredited environment. Our solutions also help our customers achieve compliance as we underpin many of the data security obligations for FCA, PCI & HIPAA.

My1Login seamlessly integrates with your Active Directory to provide SSO for legacy desktop (non-browser) and cloud-based applications. Additionally, it can provide a single point of access to SAML-based applications. User provisioning is automated and can be synchronised with all, or a sub-set, of your AD users meaning once a user has authenticated with AD, My1Login then manages automated user authentication with other applications - without requiring any integration with the target app.

My1Login can alert your IT department with notifications of which cloud applications users are logging into. These target applications can be added to the list of approved business apps that become automatically linked to the My1Login SSO system.

My1Login enables specific logins to be shared with either individuals or teams and provides a full audit trail of who logged into which system and when they did it. Logins can even be shared in such a way that a recipient can use it but not actually see the password.

My1Login can be deployed in such a way that it is transparent to the end-user meaning no training is required. Alternatively users can be provided with a web-based vault, which requires a very simple self-enrolment process.

Since integration with target applications is not required, My1Login can be deployed in a matter of days rather than months across an Enterprise environment.

By deploying My1Login in self set-up mode, the system ‘learns’ users’ logins to business systems and automatically integrates them with the My1Login SSO system. This vastly reduces demands on IT resources during implementation.

My1Login can offer discounting for non-profit organizations – your Account Manager would be delighted to discuss this with you. You can get in touch with us here.