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Identity and Access Management

Secure User Authentication

IAM that provides secure methods of user authentication, ensuring that individuals accessing systems and applications are who they claim to be.

Implement Access Control Policies

Enable enterprises to define access control policies based on user roles, responsibilities, and other attributes.

Ensure Compliance

Maintain detailed audit logs of user activities, enabling organisations to demonstrate compliance with regulations and industry standards.

Traditional IAM Solutions are Broken

check-cross_0003_x-circleorangeGaps in SSO Compatibility Leave Security Blind Spots 
check-cross_0003_x-circleorangeUnable to Enforce Password Policies on External Apps

check-cross_0003_x-circleorangeUser Login Process to the IAM Creates a Barrier to Adoption
check-cross_0003_x-circleorangeIAM Vendors Have Access to Customer's Stored Passwords

Modernise Your IAM Solution With My1Login

check-cross_0001_check-circleblueSSO for all Web and Windows Desktop Apps 
check-cross_0001_check-circleblueEnterprise Password Manager Enforces Password Policies on External Apps
check-cross_0001_check-circleblue Zero Login and Zero UI Guarantees User Adoption of Single Sign-On 
check-cross_0001_check-circleblueClient-side Encryption Means Only Customers Can Access their Passwords

My1Login Industry Recognition



Analysts from CB Insights compare My1Login's Single Sign-On and Enterprise Password Manager against alternative IAM solutions.

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My1Login wins Best Identity Management Solution with judges highlighting ease of use, broader compatibility and stronger encryption.

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Ranked “Top Performer” by Featured Customers

Featured Customers scores My1Login 4.8 out of 5.0 for customer success.

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Rated by Solutions Review as providing one of the most comprehensive Identity Management solutions on the market.

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My1Login is the Only IAM Solution That Provides

Strong Password

Client-Side Encryption

My1Login only store encrypted data. The keys remain securely inside the perimeter of the customer’s enterprise network meaning even My1Login are unable to access customer data.

Zero User Interface

Zero User Interface

My1Login has the option to be deployed in the background meaning Single Sign-On is achieved with no change to user behaviour and no training required, guaranteeing adoption.

Most Widely Compatible SSO

Most Widely Compatible SSO

Single Sign-On that is seamlessly linked to the user’s directory login for web apps, virtualized apps and even Windows desktop apps without requiring APIs.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

My1Login is cloud-based Identity As A Service (IDaaS) and can automatically discover and integrate new applications, meaning rapid deployment which accelerates time to value.


Market Leading Identity Solution

SC Awards rate My1Login as Best Identity Management solution 2022 for products that include Single Sign-On (SSO) for web and Windows desktop, Enterprise Password Management and User Provisioning

Eliminate Phishing Risks

Eliminate Phishing Risks

My1Login's Enterprise Password Manager enforces password policies on external cloud applications by protecting them with auto-generated, strong, unique passwords that can be hidden from users, eliminating phishing risks.

IAM that delivers on ROI

Improve Security

Eliminate Security Risks

Protect against the leading cause of data breaches - credentials. Centralise access control, enforce password policies, enable multi-factor authentication, mitigate phishing and shadow-IT risks.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by providing users with quick and easy Single Sign-On access to all of their apps, reducing downtime from logging in and forgotten passwords.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by automating processes, reducing infrastructure costs and rationalising software licences. Find out more about My1Login’s Identity and Access Management pricing here.

Enable Compliance

Enable Compliance

Centralised governance over access to systems and data, ensuring the right people have the right access to the right data at the right time.

Passwordless Authentication

My1Login provides a passwordless, Single Sign-On experience for the workforce, even where your external applications do not yet support the necessary protocols. Once the user has authenticated with the corporate directory, My1Login will take this delegated trust and use it to provide users with subsequent SSO into applications that include:

- Internal and external web apps that require credentials
- Windows Desktop apps that require credentials
- Applications that use authentication protocols (i.e. SAML, OIDC etc.)

This provides the workforce with a passwordless experience, even for applications which have multi-page or non-standard login processes. 

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Secure End-User Access & Protect Against Data Security Breaches

Next generation Identity and Access Management solutions that work with web, mobile, desktop and legacy applications, enabling control of user access while delivering a return on investment. My1Login is an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution meaning it  can be rapidly deployed, even in the most complex enterprise environments.

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Eliminate Phishing & Shadow IT

My1Login's IAM solution enables organisations to eliminate phishing for critical applications that protect sensitive data. This addresses a significant threat vector given Verizon’s analysis of 1600 cybersecurity incidents and 800 breaches found that phishing was involved in 90% of successful attacks.

My1Login’s Application-Discovery feature enables  IT teams to detect and manage Shadow-IT risks. My1Login can then enforce password policies on these external applications and hide the updated passwords from the workforce, meaning they cannot be disclosed as a result of phishing attacks.



Comprehensive Identity Management

My1Login has been ranked by Solutions Review as providing one of the most comprehensive Identity Management solutions on the market through its execution of IDaaS, PAM and IGA functionality and ability to meet the growing needs of organisations that are transforming to the cloud.

Download the Solutions Review Vendor Map to see what their analysts said about the My1Login Identity Management Solution and how it fits the needs of enterprise organisations.




My1Login's Single Sign-On Enables Rapid Roll-Out for 10,000 Users

Financial Services Firm deploy My1Login’s Identity as a Service (IDaaS) to eliminate cyber risks by providing Single Sign-On and Passwordless authentication.

One of the easiest technology implementations we've ever had to do.” 

“The encryption keys themselves are not held by My1Login so it gave me confidence that the security was of the highest standard."

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