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Protect Against Credential-Phishing

Address the leading cause of cyber attack


Prevent phishing by addressing the root cause

Phishing is one of the most prevalent and effective forms of cyber attack. Most organisations adopt a combination of email filters, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and cyber training to address the problem, but these measures have a limited effect as they fail to address the root cause of the problem - credentials. To properly address the root cause, forward-thinking organisations are removing credentials from the hands of users, meaning they can't be phished of passwords, even if they recieve and click on phishing emails.

How to effectively protect against phishing

Remove credentials and passwords from the organisation and users.

Benefit--blue_0003_darkestMove from password-based to passwordless

Address the root cause of phishing attacks by replacing passwords with passwordless authentication. Render phishing attacks impotent by removing passwords for corporate data and application access.

Benefit--blue_0002_midUse secure web authentication

Where applications do not yet support passwordless authentication, deploy secure web authentication. Automatically generate strong passwords without the need for users to know or manage, removing the weak link of end-user password management.

Benefit--blue_0001_lighterDetect and address Shadow IT risk

Automatically detect applications being used by employees, enabling IT to ensure that corporate data is not stored in cloud applications that remain outside of the organisation's security policy enforcement.

Benefit--blue_0000_lightestEnsure MFA is effective

MFA doesn't prevent credentials being phished, creating a risk where passwords are reused on non-MFA protected applications. Ensure MFA can effectively protect corporate data by eliminating password re-use through Single Sign-On.

“My1Login enabled us to eliminate a number of password-related security risks. We also now have a much clearer picture of Shadow IT systems in-use. There are definite benefits to both security and speed of access to applications.”

“My1Login has helped us identify around 600 business applications in-use and 100% of these are now integrated with My1Login’s IAM solution, providing Single Sign-on for these apps that is seamlessly linked to users’ AD profiles.

– Calum McLean, Head of Innovation and Data, Natural Power

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Single Sign-On for Web & Mobile
Single Sign-On

Protect against phishing atttacks by leveraging passwordless Single Sign-On. Automatically discover new applications in use to eliminate Shadow IT and ensure all applications are protected.

Enterprise Password Manager
Enterprise Password Manager

Deploy secure web authentication for applications which do not yet support passwordless protocols, enabling all applications to be protected against phishing attacks.

MFA icon
Multi-Factor Authentication

Add an MFA layer on top of passwordless authentication, utlising step-up authentication to give maximum protection where it’s most required, without compromising user experience or productivity.

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