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Streamlining and Securing Access to Accountancy Systems with My1Login 


PricewaterhouseCoopers_LogoPwC and My1Login presenting the benefits of streamlining access to accountancy systems whilst addressing key security risks.

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My1Login Benefits for Accountancy Firms



Frictionless Access to Government Gateway Accounts

My1Login enables frictionless, one-click access to multiple, shared internal and client Government Gateway accounts replacing the current cumbersome, time-consuming process.

Secure & Easy Access to Shared Accounts

Securely manage access to shared Government Gateway, and other accounts, with a full audit trail of which user accessed these at any time. Enable employees to access to these accounts without seeing the passwords for extra security.

Release Productivity Gains and Maintain Competitive Edge

Don’t get left behind as the industry modernises its approach to accessing Government Gateway and other financial applications. Free up the time-consuming and cumbersome login processes by enabling access to accounts with one-click.

Address the Risk of Leavers Retaining Access to Internal and Client Accounts

Mitigate the financial and reputational damage of data breaches occurring as a result of leavers retaining access to Government Gateway and other corporate accounts.


My1Login provides accountancy firms with a secure, audited mechanism for sharing access to specific internal and client accounts (e.g. Government Gateway, Xero, corporate banking and other services) and enabling the workforce to log into these accounts with one-click.

This saves time and reduces employee friction whilst mitigating a number of security risks.


One-click Access to Government Gateway

Tax advisors, accountants, partners and other employees, can only use the specific, Government Gateway accounts they are permitted access to. They can do this with one-click releasing more time to focus on clients.


Shared Access to Government Gateway Accounts

Access to specific accounts can be securely shared with individuals or teams (e.g. those responsible for a particular client or office) whilst the firm retain a full audit trail of which employee used or accessed these and when they did so.


Prevent Leavers Retaining Access to Services

The workforce can be provided with access to specific Government Gateway accounts, and other services, without being able to view the passwords for these meaning they cannot retain access to these details when they leave the firm.


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