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My1Login Approved as UK Government Supplier


We are delighted to announce that My1Login has been selected as a G-Cloud 9 supplier – the UK Government procurement framework for public-sector bodies.

My1Login’s Identity & Access Management solution is now available to procure through this latest framework agreement on the Digital Marketplace.

The G-Cloud 9 framework eases procurement of services by UK public-sector departments by ensuring suppliers have met the stringent standards laid out in the G-Cloud framework. It gives public sector organisations the confidence that they are procuring from companies who have successfully met the criteria set out by the Crown Commercial Service. 

Timing of the Award is especially useful to public sector authorities, most of whom are reviewing Cyber Security protection in the wake of the Ransomware attack on the NHS and other organisations.

The HM Government Information Security Breaches Survey found that the average cost of a data breach to a large UK organisation was £2.3m - The attack on the NHS will be considerably more, it is anticipated. The same survey also found that 90% of large UK businesses suffered a data breach last year. Disturbingly Verizon identified that 65% of the causes of data breach were actually as a result of weak employee password practices, thus underlining the need for strong internal systems security as well as protection from external cyber threats.

Over 1,000 companies currently rely My1Login’s solution which eliminates cyber security vulnerabilities by removing the need for employees to manage multiple passwords. It provides next generation Identity and Access Management solutions for Enterprise and eliminates the need for passwords in business by providing Single Sign-On that works with all applications, across all devices. The service works with cloud, mobile and thick-client legacy desktop applications, which enables them to fully address Single Sign-On challenges even in the most complex of enterprise environments where apps are often a mix of cloud, mobile and legacy systems such as mainframes. My1Login's auto-app discovery tool helps eliminate Shadow IT and its client-side AES 256 encryption sets it apart from competitors' vulnerable server-side encryption.

Mike Newman, My1Login CEO, explains “We are delighted to be granted G-Cloud 9 approval which will enable us to work with public sector organisations to ensure they are properly protected from the growing threat of data hacks. The fact we are now an approved UK Government supplier through G-cloud 9 means all public sector organisations can be confident that we have met the stringent standards laid out in the G-Cloud framework under the criteria set out by the Crown Commercial Service.

“Local authorities and public sector organisations face a number of IT security challenges as a result of moving increasingly to cloud-based computing. They also need to find a secure way to allow third party contractors to access their IT systems without compromising security. The public sector is one of the UK’s largest employers with local authorities employing thousands of people. This creates an administrative nightmare with many hundreds of login details and passwords to manage, leaving them highly vulnerable to data security breaches. It is estimated that 65% of data breaches are caused by weak password practices by employees. My1Login’s solution eliminates this risk.”

For any questions on procuring My1Login through G-Cloud, please speak to one of our Identity Experts. 

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