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Tips from the My1Login Team on Working from Home


Many businesses are currently facing the challenge of full teams working remotely for months. Over the past couple of weeks the My1Login team have been sharing their individual tips amongst each other to help handle the potential challenges that might occur as a result of the mass move to home-working. We have collated these below and hope they help you too!

Some of the ideas shared by the My1Login Team:

  • Set a routine – keep a regular routine, it’s ok to have a different structure to your day and try to find ways to mark the weekends as different. Consider splitting your time into pro-active and re-active work to help with routine. 

  • Keep socially connected with your colleagues via chat and web-ex. There is a void of social interaction as a result of moving to a virtual workplace en-masse so this is really important over the coming months!! Use web-cam as much as you can to maintain some level of face to face contact – either for work or just a social chat. Don't forget to chat to colleagues about non-work topics, as you would in the office.

  • Stay mentally and physically active – start the day with a walk round the block, get moving and get motivated. It's important to get some time away from your screen so try to find other activities to keep busy e.g. card & board games, puzzles and treasure hunts. Make sure to fit in regular breaks in during the working day, as short breaks can help boost productivity. 

  • Find a dedicated office space - where possible try to create a dedicated office space, so you can 'leave work' at the end of the day. Our team have tried their best to recreate their normal office space at home ie. multiple monitors setups, to help with the transition and to keep their productivity levels high! 

  • Appreciate your team - recognise the efforts and hard work of your colleagues and thank them for doing a good job. Also, be sure take time to reflect and recognise your own efforts and hard work. Encourage your colleagues to share their appreciation and what they are proud of. 

  • Reduce over exposure to news - it is tempting to follow every news story and social media post to keep up to date with the health situation. However, this constant bombardment of information can lead to stress and anxiety, so try to limit how often you check the news. 

  • Rely on reputable news sources - be mindful of what channels you follow to obtain your news and information. Choose reputable sources. The World Health Organization provides great information here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-publicnovel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

  • Find a way to take some time out when you need it

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