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You're 5-Minutes Away From Saving up to 1-Hour Per Day

My1Login lets your employees access all their business systems with just one login. No more forgotten passwords.

  • Securely Share Passwords Securely Share Passwords
  • One Click Sign-in to Websites One Click Sign-in to Websites
  • 5-minute Set Up 5-minute Set Up
  • Military Grade Encryption Military Grade Encryption
  • Centralized Password Management Centralized Password Management
  • Quickly Cease User Access Quickly Cease User Access
Save Time With Single Sign-On for Web Sites

Save Time With Single Sign-On for Web Sites

Each employee will only need to remember one business login saving them up to 1-hour every day by eliminating the need to manually sign into different web sites.

No need to remember or even type passwords, My1Login automatically signs you into websites.

Share Passwords With Individuals or Teams

Share Passwords With Individuals or Teams

With one click you can choose to share a password with specific individuals or even a whole team.

Passwords can even be shared with recipients so they can use them to sign into sites, but not actually view the password itself.


Set up in Less Than 5 Minutes

Set up in Less Than 5 Minutes

Setting up couldn't be easier.

- Just sign-up then add the email addresses of the users you wish to add to the system

- They will receive invites to join your My1Login business account

- Your users can only access the specific passwords you choose to share with them or they can add their own which will become visible in your business "vault".


Any Device

My1Login is cloud-based and can be securely accessed from any device, meaning you'll always have access to your passwords when you need them.

All data is encrypted client side using AES-256bit encryption meaning even My1Login cannot access your details.


Security & Control

My1Login enables you to secure your company and customer data using encryption that is compliant with SOX, PCI, FCA, and ISO standards.

Control employees access to business passwords and cease their access with one click when they leave.

Differentiate from your competitors by using My1Login's security reports to demonstrate to customers that your business use strong passwords to protect client data.

Low Cost

My1Login's small business product suits business with anything from 1 - 100 employees. Pricing is based on a monthly subscription of just a few £s per user. 

For more information please see our pricing section.

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