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Secure Your Employees' Access to Corporate Applications

Integrate multi-factor authentication for My1Login SSO based on where employees are, the network they’re using and the apps they're attempting to access.

Flexible Enforcement Policy

Flexible User Policy Framework

Secure company data without compromising user productivity. Specify when users are prompted for second-factor authentication. Set contextual authentication based on:

  • User  

  • Workgroup

  • Application

  • Device

  • IP Location

Choice of latest authentication factors prevent users from accessing corporate data by passwords alone



Users can be required to authenticate out of band with One-Time-Passwords to maximise identity assurance. A variety of OTP options are available to suit your organisation, including Google Authenticator and SMS. SMS can often be a good option for a subset of users who do not have access to smartphones.

Local Biometrics

My1Login can utilise the embedded technology in many mobile devices to provide a second-factor authentication alternative. Whether this is by: touch pattern; thumbprint; audio; facial recognition; voice or audio, local biometrics harness the power of the mobiles already in the hands of your users and can provide high identity assurance.

Local Biometrics

RFID, Hardware and Public Key Tokens

Where hardware tokens are favoured by organisations, whether in the form of RSA tokens or smartcards, such as with the NHS, My1Login can integrate with these second-factor alternatives. Software public key tokens can also be embedded on devices to provide security assurance.

RFID, Hardware and Public Key Tokens

Multi-Factor Authentication

Take Control of User Identity

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