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Secure End-User Access & Protect Against Data Security Breaches

My1Login's Privileged Password Manager ensures high-value accounts are protected.

  • Permission-Based Sharing Permission-Based Sharing
  • Automatic Secure Password Generation and Updating Automatic Secure Password Generation and Updating
  • SSO Without Revealing Credentials SSO Without Revealing Credentials
  • Password Policy Enforcement Password Policy Enforcement
  • Audited Access of Privileged Accounts Audited Access of Privileged Accounts
  • Canned and Custom Reports Canned and Custom Reports
Privileged Password Manager

Permission-Based Sharing

  • Provision users for access to specific cloud, mobile and legacy desktop apps
  • Enforce password policies on a per-application basis
  • Enforce company-wide user access policies
  • IP Allow & Deny List
  • App Inclusion & Exclusion List - receive alerts when users access new web apps
  • Apply multi-factor authentication on a per user and per app basis
  • Enable sharing on an admin to user and user to user (where permitted) basis.

Automatic Secure Password Generation

My1Login can automatically generate long, strong, high-entropy passwords to ensure privileged accounts are securely protected. Passwords can be generated whenever an end-user visits a password change page on a web or desktop application. Additionally, My1Login can also pro-actively generate new strong passwords to adhere to password change timescale in line with the password policy.

Automatic Secure Password Generation

SSO Without Revealing Credentials

My1Login can automatically log users into applications that use credential-based authentication. With this automatic logging in, users do not even need to know the passwords that are being used to access the privileged accounts. As users don't need to remember or type these passwords, they can be made long and strong, improving corporate security. 

SSO Without Revealing Credentials

Secure and Encrypted Storage of Your Privileged Data

Multi-Perimeter Security

  • 256-bit AES client-side encryption
  • 2048-bit RSA client-side encryption
  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • Biometrics integration.
Automatic Secure Password Generation

Dedicated UK Support Team

  • UK Helpdesk 8am – 11pm
  • Email support with 1 hour response during normal working hours
  • Additional out of hours support available on request
  • Highly resilient architecture 99.9% availability
SSO Without Revealing Credentials
Canned and Custom Reports

Canned and Custom Reports

Canned and custom reporting is available to assist with compliance, audits and software asset management.

An audit trail of access to internally and externally hosted applications, enables central visibility of who has access to what systems and when.

Audited Access

Mitigate the risk of a data breach with strictly-governed access to privileged accounts. Stay in control of high-value accounts with request and approval workflows, time-bound access and audited session monitoring.

Restrict and approve access to accounts based on user, group, device and network. Easily demonstrate compliance and ensure third-party suppliers have strictly-controlled access to corporate applications.

Audited Access

Password Policy Enforcement

The average cost of data breach for a UK company being £3.6 million, with 65% of data breach attacks are caused by weak passwords, practices and phishing.  

My1Login enables you to ensure that passwords protecting privileged accounts adhere to your corporate password policy. The use of long, strong, high-entropy passwords for all accounts mitigates the risk of suffering a data breach.

Password Policy Enforcement

Take Control of User Identity

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