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Secure End-User Access & Protect Against Data Security Breaches

Single Sign-On for Web, Mobile and Windows desktop applications.

  • For Web, Native Mobile & Thick Client Desktop Apps For Web, Native Mobile & Thick Client Desktop Apps
  • Integrates Target Apps With Connectors (e.g. SAML) Integrates Target Apps With Connectors (e.g. SAML)
  • Integrates Target Apps Without Connectors Integrates Target Apps Without Connectors
  • Auto-Detects and Auto-Integrates Web Apps Auto-Detects and Auto-Integrates Any Web App
  • Directory Integration Directory Integration
  • Canned and Custom Reports Canned and Custom Reports
Single Sign-On Showcase

Secure Single Sign-On for All Application Types

Single Sign-On for web, mobile and legacy Windows desktop apps, enabling control of user access while delivering a return on investment. My1Login’s service can be rapidly deployed, even in the most complex enterprise environments. My1Login works with all common directory structures and provides seamless SSO for all enterprise applications, including web apps such as Office 365 and Salesforce, and legacy apps such as mainframe and Telnet. My1Login is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Apple IOS and Android and is also compatible with Citrix XenDesktop, XenApps and StoreFront.

Integrates Target Apps With and Without Connectors

My1Login supports identity standards such as SAML, but can also integrate with target applications that don’t have connectors. The ability to integrate with target applications without the need for connectors or APIs enables My1Login to be rapidly deployed, even in the most complex enterprise environments.

Integrates Target Apps With or Without Connectors

Auto-Detects and Auto-Integrates Web Apps

My1Login's Single Sign-On solution uses proprietary, patented technology (US Patent No. 9,253,187) to auto-detect when new web apps are being used by employees. IT receive notifications when these apps are being used and the applications can be automatically integrated into the SSO solution, ensuring there are no gaps.

Auto-Detects and Auto-Integrates Web Apps

Every User | Every App | Every Device 

Control user access to web, mobile and legacy Windows desktop apps from the devices they use to access them.
Users authenticate once and can access the apps they are provisioned for on the devices they are permitted to use.


My1Login - How it works

Rapid Deployment

My1Login integrates with your corporate directory for immediate user provisioning.

The service can also be rapidly deployed using self set-up mode - detecting the applications being accessed by users and automatically integrating these identities with the SSO system.

Automated Account Management

My1Login SSO is designed to work with all application types. Our service:

  • Integrates with apps that do have connectors such as SAML
  • Integrates with apps that do not have connectors. e.g. legacy apps such as mainframes.

Automated lifecycle account management automates application provisioning, permission-based usage and de-provisioning.

Scalable Architecture

My1Login's enterprise solution is built upon a highly-scalable, resilient, secure infrastructure within the AWS and Windows Azure environments. This provides the ability to seamlessly scale in-line with customer demand.

Customers can select data storage within specific geographic regions such as EU or US in order to satisfy legal, regulatory and compliance requirements. My1Login can be deployed based on cloud, on-premise or hybrid architectures.

Multi-Perimeter Security

  • 256-bit AES client-side encryption
  • 2048-bit RSA client-side encryption
  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • Biometrics integration.
Multi-Perimeter Security

Dedicated UK Support Team

  • UK Helpdesk 8am – 11pm
  • Email support with 1 hour response during normal working hours
  • Additional out of hours support available on request
  • Highly resilient architecture 99.9% availability
  • Offline Mode.
Dedicated UK Support Team
Canned and Custom Reports

Canned and Custom Reports

Canned and custom reporting is available to assist with compliance, audits and software asset management. An audit trail of access to internally and externally hosted applications enables central visibility of who has access to what systems and when.

User Access Controls

  • Provision users for access to specific web, mobile, desktop and legacy desktop apps
  • Enforce password policies on a per application basis
  • Enforce company-wide user access policies
  • IP Allow & Deny List
  • Apply multi-factor authentication on a per user and per app basis.
User Access Controls

Directory Integration

Integration with Active Directory and any other LDAP compliant directory structures to provide:

  • Automated provisioning and deletion of user accounts
  • Identity synchronisation with users' existing directory login

End-users log in once to the directory and can then seamlessly access any application without further manual authentication. My1Login also integrates seamlessly with any environment, Oracle, IBM, SAP etc.

Directory Integration
Thanks to My1Login, our employees no longer put the business at risk by using weak passwords. Adrian Romano, Betsson Group

Take Control of User Identity

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